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Monday, January 28, 2008

I find that gardening works: Two poems

I found that gardening works
It works me and I work it.
There is no inner argument as to the validity of the tasks
Such a natural thing
The ultimate in solar power
Hardened prisoners are softened.
Timid immigrants escape the isolation of their differences
To plan, to plant, to nurture,
It helps us more than just feeding us.

If everyone started to garden
What would the world look like?
Would we still have obesity and starvation?

If we have light and water, we can garden.
If one doesn’t have light and water
Humanitarian efforts need to help provide them.

If we didn’t ship our food around the planet
If it didn’t change through dozens of hands
What would the world look like?

My trusty flowers, my baby vegetables
So reliable, so obedient.
When my agenda spins me round my plants unwind me
What lessons they teach
What a silly student I am
Learning over and over again.

My trusty flowers, my baby vegetables
Therapy and sustenance
Cooperation and grace.

Krazy Keyboard


This was a real sentance:
wn`s oe computer has a mind of ity littlThis squirrell

Hang on while I update my hardware, here.