if its not yummy, then we better make it funny.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Today my toes just wouldn't warm up. The momentum won't get going.I think we need to be willing to have a down day and not get too worked up about it. If you go go go, then naturally it will feel odd to slow , or heaven forbid, actually stop! The rain has been pelting all day and the dog hasn't uncurled much. It's the middle of winter, after all. I think when you live on the other side of the world from your facebook friends, and summer is burgeoning 'up' there, it's hard. Desmond is playing Red Hot chili peppers and it seems to match the mood. Nina is returning home on Wednesday and that should change the landscape around here. She has been in the hospital for a while and it will be good to have her back. I hope she can keep busy while I am at work. I am now going to unearth a writing project that has been waiting for me for months. G'day to you. Remember to push the reset button now and forge ahead in a new way.