if its not yummy, then we better make it funny.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

getting better

I am feeling the old skin peel away, finally. The new one is a little thicker, and a bit softer. Spring is here and the kids and I have been getting out on little mini hikes. I always want longer hikes, but they come with arguments from the shorter legged relations. So we go to the Lucas's (neighbors)and race around their field, or to Linda's (another neighbors)swing, if there arent any guests using it. Yesterday Lil and I went on a walk to the watering hole. I didn't want to go in, we had missed the sun in that spot and I was feeling wimpy. Lil would take none of it and insisted I help her on the virgin voyage of Desmond's new air mattress. She managed to let the thing go in the rushing stream that enters the pool and it quickly went out of reach. Since we had pleaded with Desmond to let us borrow it, we needed to be very careful and responsible with that birthday air mattress. I had to get completely wet to retrieve the thing. Then I insisted that Lil come in too, and she did. It was very brisk! It was when we made the whoodledor come in that things ran amok. She, has sharp claws, need I say more? Where is the patch kit...? I put it somewhere odd like in the pantry or in one of the 37 drawers we have on our little estate.
We didn't mind, really because she (the dog, Gem)put on such a ridiculous show after she got out, tearing back and forth. She is really a comedian, enjoying our howling hysterics and providing yet, more fuel, for the laughter engines, already at a good rpm. We walked home and enjoyed about nine types of weather on the way (about a weather type every 3 minutes for them that's counting.) That is the update from yesterday. I am supposed to be writing other stuff, so I'd better find the whip and crack it. Cheers!