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Friday, October 24, 2008

Self Direction

I am having my second day of free scheduling. Desmond and Lil are at school and I have hours to use as I wish. Yesterday I went to choir and it was deep and satisfying. It is a women's choir and the leader is a woman named Sarah Pritchard. It was in the Titirangi War Memorial Hall. Titirangi, being a village on the slopes of western Auckland with an artful hum, and War Memorial halls ubiquitous in all New Zealand towns- artsy and utilitarian alike. It was very roomy for the six of us to let our voices out . My singing voice has been hidden in a little corner of myself for a while. We sang an Egyptian heaving song called Zoom Gali Gali and a slow and soulful song called Sleepers. Sarah is just starting the choir. I feel some parallels with her. She is forging ahead, bravely believing that her original works are worthy of focus and participation of others. This is not unlike the leap of faith I am making with preparing my autobiographical writings for publication. It seems at once, self indulgent and yet essential to share. I am reading and inspired by Knowledge of Freedom with these aspirations. Speaking of them, its time for me to begin my work. My blessings are on the breezes to you. Kate

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wake up, Wake Up!

If I search anymore for my soul, Im going to have to start making a map. Today has a sense of the new. The children are having an indulgent waffle breakfast in front of Library videos. My coffee is as deep and bitter as I like it. I am writing more and this always means something good is happening. Today Jordan will return from his academic quarantine to rejoin the family. I have requested the weekend to myself here in our house. It is at once tantalizing and intimidating to have space and time to unwind and be alone. The past two weeks have been full time kids, since there has been a two week break. We've wound through various virus bugs and havent ventured out much. The weather, to put it mildly, is wild and unpredictable. I m going to fling open the windows and door and clean the salt spray off and get rid of old stuff that clogs the arteries of my laundry. Im going to read in the tub and add hot water until Im really ready to be done in there. I'm making a garden in our old row boat and I have baby plants in the windowsill, waiting. Ill miss the children. Desmond with his new whistling and Lillian's impromptu hugs and insightful quips. But they'll be back before you know it. Who knows, maybe Ill be ready for Jordan by Sunday night. Being alone is a therapeutic venture. Im recharging my batteries and preparing to have a visit from my Mom and Her Husband, Bob. Entertaining usually lifts us all. By the way, we have lovely guest accommodations, now. Let me know when your coming.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Moving On

It has been a harrowing winter for me here in New Zealand. Two years of uncertain domestic life have taken a toll. New Zealanders are not as inclusive as I am used to, and that has also been hard. There are warm and open humans everywhere, though, and the best way to find them is to be one. You just have to get over the unsuccessful attempts to connect and learn to laugh at things.
Ive been on my own with the kids for about a month with sporadic visits from Jordan. I find it appealing to be independent at this time. I have some nice poems that my students at the Panmure library (ages 10-13) created that I will post soon. I have some significant writing tasks due within the next week and a half.

I went to a delightful party the other night and met some of the more dynamic residents of Kare kare. It was in a glorified cement bunker, recording studio/lofty home. The man who was having the party was Nigel, who was celebrating his 50th and 25 years in the recording industry. He produced Crowded House's Together Alone album as well as some projects with Pearl Jam. There were some great pyrotechnics and theatrical costumed dancing as well as some neat exotic tee pees and other living features. It was great to get out. I have been doing chef work, for extra money, and that's been nice, too. Procrastination needs curbing now, good day.