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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wake up, Wake Up!

If I search anymore for my soul, Im going to have to start making a map. Today has a sense of the new. The children are having an indulgent waffle breakfast in front of Library videos. My coffee is as deep and bitter as I like it. I am writing more and this always means something good is happening. Today Jordan will return from his academic quarantine to rejoin the family. I have requested the weekend to myself here in our house. It is at once tantalizing and intimidating to have space and time to unwind and be alone. The past two weeks have been full time kids, since there has been a two week break. We've wound through various virus bugs and havent ventured out much. The weather, to put it mildly, is wild and unpredictable. I m going to fling open the windows and door and clean the salt spray off and get rid of old stuff that clogs the arteries of my laundry. Im going to read in the tub and add hot water until Im really ready to be done in there. I'm making a garden in our old row boat and I have baby plants in the windowsill, waiting. Ill miss the children. Desmond with his new whistling and Lillian's impromptu hugs and insightful quips. But they'll be back before you know it. Who knows, maybe Ill be ready for Jordan by Sunday night. Being alone is a therapeutic venture. Im recharging my batteries and preparing to have a visit from my Mom and Her Husband, Bob. Entertaining usually lifts us all. By the way, we have lovely guest accommodations, now. Let me know when your coming.

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