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Thursday, September 13, 2007

long list

I am in this common dilemma of feeling the urge to write a blog entry but not knowing where to begin! Sometimes I feel that thwere isn’t enough time to enjoy this amazing world and all its twists,turns and surprises and to also write of it. Does anyone else have that problem? I have these great reflective narratives after something interesting happens but Im not perched with pen or keyboard, Im usually holding some darling’s hand, swimming a lap, doing a dish or finally turning in for the night. Then I have a build up of interesting things vying for a moment of consideration, some time to be crafted into something that translates. Im going to remedy the situation by making a list so that I can either refer back to it when I want to write about something or just let that list rest and let a new one collect. Here we go.

Some things I found interesting lately:
1)My swim today. I was going to use the swim to ``make a good decision about the future`` I kept coaching myself and playing out the various options and choices I have in front of me. Nothing was coming, though. I thought maybe I was too fixated with counting my laps (often, I divide my swim into sets of laps) Then I switched into “ I don’t care how many laps Ive swum’ mode. Then the insights came a flowing! Sometimes quantify the accomplishments gets in the way of making them.

2) meeting my Aquastell family
I was born on Feb 5 1962 this was, astrologically a unique time. The sun, moon, and six planets were all in the sign of Aquarius. This is a great chance to check and see if astrology has any credence. There is a website developed by the children of this freak configuration and I found it recently. As a person interested in Astrology for some time I was quite relieved to find it. As it turns out this group folks who were born during this stellium are quite interesting. The lives of the group have not been easy or glamorous, but the thrust of the ideals are sure interesting. I felt like Id found family. I eventually realised that there were many members, but few revisiting folks. I still go to the Aquastell website from time to time to see if my stellar siblings have discovered something that Ive overlooked with my parenting/ immigrant/ human existence has distracted me from.
3) Parenting from afar.
I love My Nina and I get bits and pieces from her. Once your child is of legal age , then you must get with the idea that you are cooperating, not controlling.
4) The struggles of immigration
More on this later

5) the things that own you and the things that you own
Just let them go, there are plenty of lovely things everywhere!

Dear Laura Bush

here is something I wrote a while back:

Dear Laura Bush,
Dear Laura,
I am also a mother. I have three children. I am not a religious person, however I consider myself generous and compassionate. I am concerned about by childrens future. I dont believe in Armageddon as a pre-determined reality and I hope that humans still have a say as to the direction we take as a race. I would happily reduce my "standard of living" for the good of the whole, by this I mean the whole of humanity, despite race or nationality and the whole planet with all its wonderful diverse life. I can assume that you yeild more influence over future events than I and I appeal to you to think of a world where fear is not the governing emotion and people have their needs met. I specifically do not want to explain to my young children why anyone would choose to use such antics as nuclear warfare. If you can influence the strategy of the upcoming months, as a mother and a generous and compassionate woman, yourself, please help us use our words, and take our turns listening and find the least destructive way to deal with those who disagree with our stand. Thank you very much, Kate Stone