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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dear Laura Bush

here is something I wrote a while back:

Dear Laura Bush,
Dear Laura,
I am also a mother. I have three children. I am not a religious person, however I consider myself generous and compassionate. I am concerned about by childrens future. I dont believe in Armageddon as a pre-determined reality and I hope that humans still have a say as to the direction we take as a race. I would happily reduce my "standard of living" for the good of the whole, by this I mean the whole of humanity, despite race or nationality and the whole planet with all its wonderful diverse life. I can assume that you yeild more influence over future events than I and I appeal to you to think of a world where fear is not the governing emotion and people have their needs met. I specifically do not want to explain to my young children why anyone would choose to use such antics as nuclear warfare. If you can influence the strategy of the upcoming months, as a mother and a generous and compassionate woman, yourself, please help us use our words, and take our turns listening and find the least destructive way to deal with those who disagree with our stand. Thank you very much, Kate Stone

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