if its not yummy, then we better make it funny.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Stowing myself away in the studio as I trust the new polenta chef in the house, I forge ahead with my pen. I have imposed a deadline for my screenplay which I have been working of for a few years. Screenwriting is very cool. If you get flowing on it. It just takes time to let go of the peripheral mayhem. But CAN BE DONE! Yes to the page.

Ugly Duckling Plumage Groomage

Here in New Zealand for nine years and still grappling with 'outsider issues'. Reflecting on such things brings to mind my favorite fairy tale: The Ugly Duckling. It's time to show my Swanliness. I'm not from your country, but I am from your planet. Showing vulnerability is not my strong suit. There is something funny about that last statement, I think.