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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Today Saturday in slugland

This day was full of slow twists and unexpected cancellations which somehow worked out just fine. I finished off the 28 dozen Christmas cookies that I was commissioned to bake at around 10 this morning. I had invited Bob to join us for a community gathering at English camp at around noon. I didnt preface the plan with the "were always at least an hour late for things, particularly events where noone is expecting us and the hours have an open ended arrangement." disclaimer. I should have told him a less definative time. He said he would come on by the house. That communication contrasted the direction from Jordan which was to stay at his house and wait. Meanwhile Im on cookie delivery, which turned into art oogling, thinking Bob was at our house with grand baby in bounce on leg. Poor Bob, he came down eventually and ended up getting into a growl with Jordan and leaving. After that it took us a while to realize that we didnt really want to wander out to the period dress, reinactment holiday scene. We opted for a bike ride instead. Our inertia ruling, we barely got to town on the bikes. It was an "oh well" situation. I just have to say "oh well, its not working out how I was expecting it to but its not really unfavorable so lets just go with it." The haze of kinda wanting a nap all day finally lifted after the Man and Babes disappeared into the bathroom for a soakin the tub. A zap of cleaning energy came through me and I swept the floor, picked up the puzzle pieces, books, Spiderman etc and made a roaring fire. I put on some of those french green lentils with rice and plucked at the organic green beans that I splurged on yesterday. I got a phone call from Rachel and pleased to tell her we'd bought our train tickets just hours before. We leave for Seattle on Thursday Mornin, then spend the night in Seattle before getting on the coast starlight train for 25 hours to Salinas. It should be a fun adventure. It will be great to see Rachel. And Preston. I got a nice bonus from working Thanksgiving and Nina's social security payment came through. Mundane yes, but I must develop the habit of entries. Maybe the shining glorious posts are just around the corner.

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