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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yes he always is that fuzzy

I'm dedicating this blog entry to The Father Husband of our house, Jordan. He is my faithful companion and currently house dad for the two rascals we call children. I'm getting used to the kids calling me Dad out of habit. Jordan said that used to happen when he was gone all day to work when the tables were turned and I was the primary caregiver.
Jordan is adjusting to the role better than I ever did, actually. He never goes running out of the house exasperated when I come home. These days, Jordan is in the habit of trawling the children about town in the bike cart (which I must say has him extra svelte and sleek.) The cart is not a common device here and they are something of celebrities as they rickshaw to and from Kindergarten, about 5 kilometers per day. The kids at the kindergarten also eat up Jordan's good humor and earnest interest in them. Apparently, a teacher there asked if he was interested in teaching kindie. Now a person, say a spouse, could get a little exhausted trying to compete with such sincere popularity, after all, I have only day old bread to show for my contribution since I'm deep in the bread making business during all the kindergarten hours. Oh but it isn't any ordinary bread, but this is Jordan`s post, Ill rave about the artisan bread later. The kids sometimes don't have shoes or they enjoy their own unscheduled pajama day, but they are happy. They get thoughtful and accurate (yikes ) answers to their questions. They dine on a well practiced oatmeal regimen. He does all this and still has time for that silly old PhD in Astro Physics.
Jordan a true science devotee, scatters the strangest notes here and there with odd symbols on them. They aren't letters. They aren't numbers. But they mean something! They even mean something very very far away where earthly things like green beans and stock certificates are insignificant ideas. There are only a few people who can look at those Greekish figures and say: "Ah yes, your on the right track here, your calculation needs some refinement, though" or they may say, "By Gum, you've got it! Now we can seek to prove the coefficient!" Halli-looya! This is a call for celebration, lets make some tea! Jordan has fellowship with one such person-his advisor, Sergei Gulyaev, weekly.
Those physicists are a strange breed. Thank god there is a good dose of hedonism in my scientist. When things get a little too teeny tiny to understand or to mind bogglingly large for me way back here on earth, I can usually lure him back by some treat I can concoct or perform. Recently its been the chocolate almond croissants Ive been getting from work. Other enticements that work are any sort of back rub or scratch, reading aloud, a good movie or a hike or bike ride in a beautiful natural place. I'm sure some relative of mine will read this and doesn't want to hear about the erotic frolic it takes to bring the star studying stud around. Just use your imagination, here. Just make sure it's flattering, please.
Have I gone too far? Does a blogger get to go for it? If you don't give a darn what I do in my hemisphere with my husband, I don't mind. Its rare anyway. Having Desmond and Lillian around are very efficient reminders of what wonders can come from getting a little carried away. Desmond has a special rapport with his Dad, yet in the evening he usually comes smooching over to me to be put to bed. I would have to say that he has the more emotional sensational temperament that I have and Lillian has inherited Jordan's more stoic and contemplative nature. Its nice that they are so different. The whole family has a lavish dose of gregarious-ness and sometimes it's hard to get round the block for the conversations springing up from the unexpected manhole.
One thing about being married is that you get to see and live with the extremes and paradoxes of another person. Take just the physical presentation. Sometimes Jordan has the most sexy or graceful curve to his face or the glossiest jet black hair that sweeps perfectly just there. His arms are strong and his smile keen, his mischief- irresistible. Then there are the times he has that rakish caveman thing going on or he looks a little like the troll, unbathed under that bridge, hair hanging in shiny strings. I'm sure anyone-everyone, has these extremes. Heck I have my Medusa moments, and my peachy sunlit eyes. When your married you get to see them, and accept them. That's pretty nice, actually.

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