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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tonight is a patience exersize...

Its been some time since my last entry. Ive done another swim, this time a harbor crossing on a stormy Auckland Sunday afternoon. Ive decided to go back to school through Evergreen State's Independent learning contract system. I have a focus of writing, swimming and fiber arts. I am planning to compare and contrast the experiance of learning through mentorship (from a close teacher) and from teaching others. To do this I will work with a mentor on things relating to writing, as well as some local coursework, possibly freelance journalism, and or more certainly children's writing. Im still making some decisions.I have a sponser in Olympia, a woman who specializes in writing. I am piecing the program together now for a January start. Its odd, since I have decided to study writing I havent written much. Ill get there, I hope. Over and over again getting all the way to the page.

Tonight we went to our second community dinner. It was a holiday dinner for low income peoples here in the Glen Innes area. Glen Innes has a large population of Polynesians. By Polynesians I mean Pacific Islanders from Cook Islands, Samoans, Tongans and Mauri folks. I sigh as I report that the eaters are mostly dark colored and the feeders are white. I feel a little counterfiet there, being pretty priveledged, blessed with slick American tastes and opertunism. Ouch did I say that? ...

There was a dinner of Roasted potatoes, (yum, peeled and everything) peas with a waxy "stay away ftom me" look to them, (the ubiquitous) roasted pumpkin chunks, nice despite my aversion to cooked orange vegetables. The meat of the meal, (My official sorry to Cate with a C Mckee for the meat report) was carved roasted chicken and ruby hams, also sliced at the front of the large room at the community center. There was pavlova with ice cream and fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. The group of folks are warmer now that weve been there 2 times. A friend that Jordan met through a supplimental education program invited us. Santa finished off the meal and had gifts for the children, even knew their names.

Ive always been a bit of a scrooge and now with Christmas falling in the middle of summer, Im even more ambivilent. Desmond already found his drum set. I feel like letting the holidays slip by unnoticed. Maybe Ill buy a goat for a woman with lots of kids in Botswanna or something.

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