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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Settles into Serenity

Im sitting on the old wooden floor of the bach in Piha. It's 10:30 at night. I am stuffed with Jane's delicious cheese free garden Lasagna and salad of ripe avocado, the first tomatoes this spring that really taste sweet, red lettuce, tender green fingers of sprouting cauliflower from the greenhouse and antiquey looking arugula flowers. After that, I had two servings chocolate ice cream. I went on a good long hike before the meal so guilt cant even show her face anywhere near me now.
I am still emphatic about exercise, even though occasionally I miss a day or two, for the most part I get at least an hour a day. It is such a great reset button. Today I walked about 30 minutes down Lone Kauri Road to Karekare beach and then about half an hour on the beach where I saw some amazing gooseneck barnacles and intriguing stages of lifecycle in blue bottle jellyfish. The sea, as green as ever was lovely. I had to then hike back up said hill, though which was, as we say, a real butt burner. I took some flowers to my friend who had a recent health scare; a large bunch of stargazer lilies for the patient and an edible bouquet to his chef wife. They are a family from the Lone Kauri school community (where Des and Lil enjoy idyllic uniform free scholastic life.)

I bought Agave syrup, lemons and cayenne today to do a cleanse for ten days, again.
Eliminating the acquisition and preparation of food frees up a lot of energy and time, though it feels spiritually naked at times. I still plan to bake bread, even though I won't be eating any. I love making sourdough bread. My bread operation is back to a simpler 'plan a' and tomorrow I must return a very sexy Leventi oven to the place it came from and get on with baking (instead of wiring).

Nina is due to show up in 3 days and we are all excited! I am under self imposed house arrest, here in Piha, writing until she comes. I had some nice time with the family over the weekend, including watching some indulgent DVD's and cozy time with Jordan and some nice neighborly encounters at a street party at the local firehouse up the road on Saturday night and 'special time' with Desmond today running errands. I finally have a New Zealand driver's license (obtained on a Sunday!) I need to sleep now. Good Night!
Photo by J. Best

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