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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Gardening

Grafting Hope

Grafting something is defined by Webster's online dictionary as:
“Cause to grow together parts from different plants.”
If plants can be grafted and skin is grafted, can other less tangible attributes be established through a sort of spiritual grafting? Can we hunt down what we need externally and plant a little bit of it onto our self and nurture it until it is part of us, alive and helping us further forward?
Some might argue that such a practice is unnatural and thus, should be avoided; One must find what one needs within themselves.
I am, however, considering it can be done.
If a sturdy stock can feed a new desirable branch and fruit, then who's to say we can't graft things we need into our lives, like hope, confidence,and forgiveness. These things can be hard to sprout from seed, particularly when there is a tangled crop of things already growing, competing for our attention and energy.
What a great tool to carry. Just think, if something stirs up envy like someone else's success, gift or attribute, don't get jealous-just take a little cutting! Perhaps write it down so you remember what it is you are growing, have a grafting ritual, if you think it will help- maybe even every day for a while. Good crops take attention.

Another definition is “To implant a portion of (living flesh or akin) in a lesion so as to form an organic union.” (Websters) I like this definition because it talks about putting something specifically on a wound or lesion. Each human has challenges of some sort or another, wounds are part of the show, here on earth. Just as the irritation of a foreign body in the oyster makes a pearl, so can the wound be a place to graft something intentional and beautiful.
So go forth and garden, make your life an interesting and fruitful orchard, there's plenty.
There is Plenty!

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