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Friday, October 01, 2010


I recently bought an android phone. It wasn't cheap, it does a lot. I can scan bar codes in stores, I can detect speed detectors, I can download David Sedaris's new book and listen to it, I can use the GPS for free anytime and I can even save my parking space (but how to 'unsave' it has me stumped).
I now have a real contract for my cell phone. Before that I was on the "denial-lite" plan of prepaid service. I always bought the cheapest phone and then added time onto it as I needed it. It was pretty expensive in the long run, I added 20 or 30 dollars in a months time and there were times when my minutes would run out that were very inconvenient. This is all smacking of rationalization, isn't it?

I have a little voice in my head that says "do not rely on such things! What about if it all crashes?" Will I still know how to find my car,orhave the capacity to actually ask with my mouth for product information? (will I be able to find a salesperson) What if I can't check my email from anywhere my busy schedule takes me? Am I spoiling myself? Am I investing in a faster vehicle to race the other 'rats'?"
Well, those are questions, I am guessing, others ask themselves as they indulge in technology. After the questions of whether we deserve the luxury of such a convenience, then the questions of how can I justify the expense come up.

Now for this I AM well prepared!
Here is my list of why it's ok to have an expensive phone. I could have spent the money on...
1. Years of hair dye. I don't dye my hair so I have saved a lot, so the phone is ok.
2. Minimal speeding tickets, lower insurance= budget for a phone.
3. the phone costs as much as a root canal and is so much easier to handle!
4. How much is connection vs isolation worth? It's a bargain, really.
5. I buy clothing and cars second hand, so I deserve to have a new and facile phone.
6. It's (cleverly)insured, so I can't loose or break it!
7. I may get that message for the perfect publishing connection or alert earlier, and thus, harvest the opportunities and launch myself as a writer.

I think that's enough for now.

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