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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the contemplation space I made in a "Fine threads" workshop I took this summer

Peace on Earth

I am sorry I gloated about summer last February. Im getting paid back. While northern hemisherians are finding comfortable shade, neighborhood ponds to dip in, sipping whatever refreshing cool tonic, sleeping outside and gardening I am wondering if the electricity will go out and if the windows can handle the wind. Jordan, who just traded me the favor of going to the store for some mint slice cookies or (or maybe even and) butternut crunch biscuits for hanging up the laundry is begging a different assignment. He is asking if he can concoct our sweet treat instead of drive, possibly on two wheels to the pac n save. I negotiated no bake horse treat cookies for my baby birds and myself, and my foghorn leghorn man, too. Brrrr.

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  1. Hope you are surving the power cut! I had one here to but only for 8 hours so wasn't to bad. I love the photo of the contemplation space. Brings back memories ...lol
    xx big hugs to all


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