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Sunday, July 08, 2007


This week I have just one day off and it's today. I need to get all my non work pursuits addressed. Yesterday I worked as a temp for a cafe called Sebastion's boutique cafe and catering. It was fine but I wish that people who hired temps would think it through a little to get the maximum benefit from their expenditure. Its daunting to go into a completely foriegn kitchen and be in charge of it all, without knowing the ethos or angle of the place. I did fine, though. I made lots of eggs Benedict and sandwiches for the front case. The darn range was a problematic to light and the other staff wasn't really directed in a team thinking manner. They used blackware there, nice pans without a "nonstick" finish. It reminded me of the struggle involved with owning a restaurant. The days that, despite your efforts and complete devotion you dont break even. I think Im going to get a digital camera today. There will certainly be evidence on this blog when I do, you'll see.
Jordan seems to be in a work related funk. If I knew have to spell "onwe" thats the word I would use. I think he'll be fine. He needs more time to focus on it, Im thinking. We were having Lillian go to daycare for a couple of weeks but her dissatisfaction and our cost didnt add up. I wish we could find the eqivilent Kimmies daycare here. I really appreciate her, especially from here, without her.

Ours neighbors, who are very nice, have a young pit bull terrier. his name is Qaddafi. He is a lovely pancake gold color. I try and give him kind words and the occasional scrap so that he considers me (and hopefully my kids) his friend. He has doubled in size in the 2 months weve been here. We had wild company last night. Dmitri and Carlos from Brazil came over and brought lots of red wine. I havent been drinking lately. Im on a mission to get to my pre Nina weight. This is boring, Im stopping.

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