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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Progress on the Art...

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Shademakers reps to determine what equipment I could use to hang my environment rooms. I have a lot brewing in this department. First of all who would want one. There is the market of luxury homes and gardens, preschools and kindergartens, and possibly psychotherapy offices and centers. There are several terminal care facilities and cancer treatment hospitals for children in New Zealand that I am approaching. Writing letters to them, trying to find a place where my environment could be on display and available for kids to enjoy and explore if they are stuck in such a bleak reality. There are special issues to address here, like heightened need for hygiene and absolutely secure mounting. There is also a recycling sewing circle for youth out west in Piha, (but thats another story).

I bought a white silk parachute to cut up for the body of one hanging room. It is about 20 feet or 7 meters across and it is so lovely, I cant cut it. Today we found about a dozen kids in the neighborhood to help up fill up the parachute with wind to see how big it is and it's shape. That was a crowd pleaser. All ages really got into it. The wind would gust into it and if we had our team sitting, laying and holding the parachute right it would billow so full of air that it was enchanting, especially sitting inside the gleaming white room it created. Jordan thinks we should just mount the parachute on our high Norfolk pine in the front yard as a huge kite. You would need some strong line to do that, thats for sure. Here are some photos of the Monet's pond sort of theme environment in the making. There are a few details already created and lots in the making to make the space feel like a lush shimmering pond when you get in it. This particular installation is about 5 feet across and made almost exclusively of found materials. I inherited a wedding dress studio while living at the Anahata community, which was the source of the yards and yards of veil material. Being an environment designer takes thrift shopping to new ecstatic heights. I no longer look for something with cool fabric and a agreeable style- the fabric is the only criteria. I hope this project blossoms since it has been in my mind for over 2 decades.


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