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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letters to Peter Jackson...

One thing I wrote into my school contract is to write weekly letters to unusual recipients. By unusual recipients, I mean someone one wouldn't normally write such as relatives and friends but other people who our mind grazes past for some reason. I was inspired by Agnes Vadas's correspondence to a man on death row, which eventually was published and performed. I have enjoyed writing to incarcerated youth through a website called the beat within. The site is a great lifeline for many who have followed the path that being disadvantaged paves and for so many. I have also sent complaint letters to greedy companies that make throw away stuff aimed at kids. I have sent a letter to the family of a deceased painter whose work I acquired from a junk store with my comments on the art and my gratitude expressed.

It's an interesting challenge to hold. Sometimes I cant think of who to write. The solution is to think small and don't try to write an "important enough" letter. Most people welcome a letter from a voluntarily interested person, regardless of the offering it actually has.
One result of the letter campaign has been some pretty silly attempt to get at Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson has an empire of productivity in Wellington and I have marketed myself to his companies and have gotten some encouraging responses telling me what the work schedule is like and when to expect to be contacted as well as some less promising responses. Now, I am not really that serious about getting a job with Weta or Wingnut films, but its a fun arena to promote my unusual ideas. I think it may be entertaining on the other end, judging from the response from my most recent attempt, which, by the way I can't publish due to the confidentiality note at the bottom of the email (don't worry, I can paraphrase)

Now remember that I have plenty of work in Auckland when I want it and I'm just pursuing a pie in the sky dream and who knows... maybe one of these days someone I write might be really hankering for a slice. I have lost my intimidation now and am getting a little playful. Here is the last letter, written with a coy smirk (and a whisper of seriousness).

Hello there Mr. Jackson and Associates,

I have submitted my resume to Wingnut and my last inquiry got a response from Sebastion to try submitting one to Weta. I then learned that there is Weta Workshop and Weta digital. I am not sure which Weta was worth the work of winding up a little letter, so why not whirl one off to both. I have sent a current resume and letter of reference with this email as attatchments.

I am presently living with my family in Point England and could be of assistance in Auckland if you have any teams to staff here. I am currently working on an independent learning project at Evergreen State College (USA) and could weave some work into an internship if that is appealing to your company/ies. Please note my photo of contemplation space art piece that is part of my current contract (which ends on March 28th, 2008). Creating it uses common skills with set design. I also have some great inventive ideas about computer based games to splash open the market to females and female sensitivities with progressive and problem solving models. Maybe if people can conceive of saving the world virtually, then they can conceive it for real. If I'm too goody goody for you. Fine, I figure someone will bite my little hook sooner or later.

In earnest, Kate Stone

*The response was a thank you for your "interesting" email and an apology for not being able to hire me in Auckland due to the entire operation being in Wellington and not only that, they do not create games, do not have an internship program and do not need fiber arts services. They did wish me luck with my games and so I'm taking that and Ill keep fishing.


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