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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday 1st of March

Yikes, I let a couple of days go by! I made myself a promise to write a blog posting every day a little while back. I have a that tendency, to kick myself in the bottom with some lofty resolution. It may be lofty and ideal at first, but if you keep it up it becomes a new habit. Im still working on this habit, obviously.

Let me see... Today is Saturday, which these days, means that I will not be the child carer, but rather the ocean swimmer and writer's group participant (and usually a garage sale customer, too). This week had sunny group of weekdays and then last night a wind started up. I lay in my bed, listening to the howling wind and the rain getting pelted on the window, "Hmmm Ocean swim clinic bright and early, ooh." Morning came and the storm continued. I Got up while the family slept, I noted that no one was in the bed they had started in, except me. Somehow, my husband had been exchanged with this adorable little blond girl and in the girls bed was a little living 'Greek statue' of a boy and finally on the top twin bed was the husband. Wow, I guess I slept soundly last night, I didn't even detect that game of musical beds we had. I slunk out early, having a certain estate sale in mind right in the neighborhood of my swim class. I bought some things there, the best things being a reading lamp, a little cooler (or chilly bin as they refer to them in New Zealand) and a very cool pocket knife. I then headed off to the beach to see if the swim clinic had been canceled. No, it was happening despite the big chaotic waves and the rain. I had time to get a bagel and coffee and revel in cafe indulgence while the early bird class finished. I do love my Saturdays.

The swim session was invigorating and challenging. While I am never the first in the speed swims I do in the pool with the squad, I sometimes am a front runner in the sea (the really fast swimmers are early birds, I suspect) Today was easy for me probably because I have swam in choppy water enough to know that I am safe there. There was a good amount of flotsam in the water, though. Swimming into shore was the best, because I could glide on top of the waves and use them. There were about 15 people at the 9:00 swim. I enjoy the various teachers, each with different helpful tips and humor and or helpfulness . The time went by quite quickly and it was a worth both showing up and the 15 bucks it costs.

My plan was to write a first draft of a travel writing competition piece to unveil at my writer's group. , but I forgot somewhere between another garage sale and the needs of the kids when I got home. i actually forgot about the writer's group entirely (it meets every other Saturday) and was 1/2 hour late. Temporal trials! When I got home I wrote a letter to the head guru of the Avatar teaching challenging him a little to share. Bed time for Lil'. nighty night.

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