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Saturday, March 08, 2008

South Pacific Harvest

Today my agenda is full, I have been to swimming clinic, though not to swim. I took some photos down at Mission Bay where the Seaswim ocean swimming clinics have been meeting. I have an academic link with them, since the director of the Seaswim clinics Haydn Wolley - who also heads up Future Dreams (specifically for triathletes) and Swimcoach (specifically for women) is an evaluator for my learning contract. I decided to mix my skills since I was "sore throaty" and do a little reporting of the program. It's in progress, now

I also need to cook something with the peaches from the bachelor's tree, next door and the swath of bananas from two doors down, The bananas are smaller that commercial bananas and are more substantial, somehow. The flesh ripens to a lovely soft yellow and they are delicious. Having a half a tree of them is challenging, though. Since homegrown food is sacred to me I had to do something before it was too late and before the drosophila community catches on. So Banana muffins for the school lunches and peach pies are in order.

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