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Friday, March 07, 2008

Slow Down

Im sitting at the computer at home on Fernwood place. It's Friday night. The springs of the neighbors trampoline are twanging and the bachelors next door have a record 7 cars in front of their house, telling me there must be rugby on tonight and an uproarious bedtime lullaby to come. Autumn is finally slinking around here. The nights are coming dark sooner and there is that indescribable slowing down of things. I have only swam 2 days this week due to some sinus/ear trouble. It must be time for me to slow down a little, too. This resolve to slow down is arguing with my swim racer and school achieving self. They really do go back and forth. A couple of books I'm reading seem to extol that slow down theme, too. Is it a good idea to let the pace slacken?

It is one of those things that editors of gardening magazines promote, to recede from the rat race and really live.
Hey, what about my goals? What about the fact that procrastination has already eaten up any time outs I may have been issued? I guess there must be something quiet and still for me to do now, then. I have Potatoes in the oven baking, their quite quiet.
Desmond has had a tough week. He had a lot of head issues. He lost his first tooth, had a sty in his eye, a boil in his nose, head lice and his first buzz haircut (the last two are related). He's a trooper for sure. I think I tested the limits when I took these photo's, though.

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