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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This Quarter is about making spaces

This Evergreen School quarter is a Fine Arts/ Anthropology combination. I am incorporating the installations that I'm making with events which could happen inside them. This could be a meditation or a cathartic ritual or any kind of ritual you would want. I will be studying the history of rituals and whats going on in rituals today. Here is the third environment I have designed, it is just the basic structure, ready for its beautification. It's nice to give a focus to this unusual artwork that has been looming in my mind for a couple of decades. This one is about 5 feet across. The larger one I'm making is 10 feet across and is made out of a French silk cargo parachute. Im hoping to have several to show together within the next few months. Its not 'paint by numbers', that's for sure!

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