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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh Life!

This evening I am thoughtful.
I am staying at my friend Nancy’s house and there is another house guest, Anna Lawrence who is here to visit her niece, Natalia, who has a 12 day old baby (who was 10 pounds 9 ounces at birth) We are a funny trio: witty, loud, reflective, and passionate about our families and opinions. Tonight we had a dinner that Anna prepared, delicious salad greens with lot of surprises. Tomorrow we are having a Primary Pizza feed. Anna and I have been warned about the seriousness of the gathering. I hope we can behave!

My brother in law, JD had brain surgery today. It really puts into perspective how even the most centered and competent people- well, all of us actually, are not exempt from vulnerability. I feel especially tender-hearted about JD and I am at odds as to how I can help, or even express my feelings around the situation. The human spirit is strong, though, and many, many families navigate these treacherous waters and all of them arrive on the shores buoyed and nudged there by hope gathered from sources, both familiar and unexpected. My prayers are with you, JD.

I am here in Friday Harbor to sell our house, which is a modest and artsy first home. I arrived here to learn that the Matthews, our tenants, had not yet found a place to live and two days to go until the end of the lease. I felt the tension of the situation, and struggled not to react. How was a bitchy, impatient approach going to help, anyway? I was glad to have refrained from bearing down heavily after they had secured a place in two days. Today I went there with Nina to garden while load after load was moved out of our little house. How did they walk around in there?
Compassion is a generous friend. If you remember her, she’ll shower you with true satisfaction and contentment that is far better than cakes or wine, flattery or pride.

My friend Natalia’s baby’s name is Charlie, She is a solid little nubbin with lots of long black hair. She looks perfect. Natalia is exhausted and depleted by the ordeal of 40 hours of labor culminating in a C section. Natalia is in that chaotic first two weeks of having a baby OF YOUR VERY OWN! She has her wonderful whispery humor and smiling eyes, though. I think she and Charlie and her dad, Adam, will have a wonderful time together. What wonders!

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