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Friday, May 09, 2008

Potluck on Friday Night May 9 Barnard's 6:00

Hello all you readers. If you are reading from San Juan Island and it hasnt come to be Friday Night, the ninth of May then Ill urge you to come to a potluck at the Barnards house at 417 Point Caution road (off Sutton road or as you may know it- the dump road) It is at 6:00 and I think Daniel Finn is coming and possibly the Chadwicks and anyone who wants to hear the New Zealand quips and quandries and eat some springtime vittles, and undoubtedly laugh. We could play charades or maybe I can get Daniel to bring his guitar... anyway, I hope to see some folks there that I havent had a chance to see thus far on my focus pocus house selling trip to the island. It looks like the house is just about empty of the folks who were living there so it's full steam ahead with selling it. Ive decided to put a prenegotiated price of $317,000 on it to move it before I depart the country on the 21st of this month. Come on Buyer! I know you are out there! I enjoyed a campfire last night at fouth of July beach. The girls and I got a few songs in and a couple of us had a skinny dip or two in the shining pastel and certainly bracing water. I have had regular emails and calls with the family at home who are living on pesto and cucumbers from the garden and doing such unconventional acts as eating dinner at the park across the street, that, apparently was Lilli's idea. On with the day!

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