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Saturday, September 27, 2008

breaking silence

It was a struggle to contain emotions. The marriage hadnt been what she had hoped for. The two had been so filled with high ideals and trepidation from failed relationships that they continued down the path of infatuation without looking at the back side of the rapport. Now seven years in the backside was obvious. Her passion and sensual nature knocked around his rational thinking. Her art and mysticism stood outside in the storm while his goals and scientific aspirations sat in the quiet spare room. It took a long time for her to appreciate the storm. Eventually the offerings of the outdoors, it's freedom and unconditional acceptance of her became a thing she valued. She realized it was freedom, not victimization.
Gradually, she divested herself from the mess, the dependence. The air cleared, she could write and play again. The children were the first to notice the change. She put herself in the throne of her own kingdom. The radiance grew. Letting the dream of their plans together loose to run away or home permanently was a huge release.
Her face relaxed, she laughed freely once more. People noted her availability. She saw things she'd missed before. Her creativity flowed. Her incredible strength and commitment to her own happiness brought on the next exciting chapters.

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