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Friday, December 11, 2009

While on vacation...

We have just touched down at Jordan's brother, Rucell's house in Superior near Boulder. Rucell lives with his family, Corazon, his wife, Bob, his father, and last but not least, Philip- his son, a beautiful boy of 7 years. We just left our friends Deborah and Don in Laramie.

Deborah is an old friend from my New morning Bakery days in Corvallis. I was a new mother and eager bakery worker and Deb was a senior baker.
Deb and Don... They sure will be getting some good seats in heaven for putting up with us and our noisy swings of character and family dynamics. Don is a professor of Economics at U of Wyoming. He has always had flash lightning wit and was a admirable host. He also sauntered about the campus with Jordan, introducing him to the various luminaries and drips at the Physics department. Laramie has a nice feel.
I'm impressed with Deborah's role as the Bakery manager for the University. I got to tag along on a catering job where we prepared a nearly obscene array of desserts for a hoity toity tree auction affair. 1600 sweets for 200 people. Luckily they had lotso wine, salmon and crab cakes and beds of sushi to offset the sugar. A snow storm stretched our stay from two nights to six.

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