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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We are having our final night of the Boulder portion of our trip. Tomorrow we head for a night at Saratoga Inn, which our friends Deb and Don told us about. We are going to soak in the hot pool in the falling snow of Wyoming. It's a little time for our family to be a unit by ourselves, which can be good if you are breezing through households and always engaged in being guests. I look forward to some solo time in the snow, possibly on skis. I'm working on developing my exercise addiction, so far, so good. Ive been walking plenty and have had two swims in the pool this week.

Other things of note here in Boulder were the Philippine Christmas dinner we went to on Saturday night. It was in the VFW hall in Longmont, 20 minutes away. The hall was windowless and filled with a few dozen round tables. The Boulder area Philipino community gathered, which was mostly Philipa women and Western husbands and lots of fruit borne thereof. My sister in law is from the Philipines and I could see that she really reveled in the company of fellow Philipinas. There was a big buffet and all who came brought traditional dishes and the spread was long and varied. I had a couple of Tonics and noticed that the people drinking were the whites. The cousins, Desmond, Lil and Philip forgot their threesome woes and strife and became a team together. They roamed and stared and giggled together. After dinner Santa came and handed out gifts. this put a damper on things for us, since we didnt know we were supposed to be the source of the gifts for the kids. Santa left the hall and there were some faces longer than a starving pony. I liked the elegant noble elder women of the community.

Another event was a child health and harmony fair. It was in a fancy hotel called the St Julien and the kids enjoyed art, performances and lazers and balloons. Bed time now, Good night. I need to roust Jordan's ass to help.

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