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Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally in Friday Harbor

It feels good to be here. I have had two walks already. Tonight we had a rolicking dinner with Nancy and some guests. After dinner we broke into song. First there were peace vigils and then sea shanties. Desmond and Nancy are chasing gems on her computer screen and Jordan is setting up the bed. We have a big bed and a big cushion on the floor.
Before Nancy's house, we left Nina's house where we all (that's 4 of us) shared a queen sized bed. We nurtured our old kitty Samoa and ate lots of (actually delicious) donuts. She'll be getting to know two campuses of PCC. I helped her to register. Well I hope it was help- she had only two registered classes and lots of wait list. I know it will be a big change for her and send her confidence for tomorrow.

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