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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Zealand, Ehhh?!

I am letting myself not like New Zealand. I know, it's not correct, I'm supposed to look at the things I like. I'm not supposed to bellyache or complain. Just smile along. Well. Maybe it's more interesting to get it out. Maybe the public appreciation of my homeland would be worthwhile. OK then,Here is my list

1) everything is expensive, even dried beans, DRIED BEANS ARE EXPENSIVE!
2) New Zealanders are in love with the grindstone. What else could there be??
3) "Innovation" and "Clever" are dirty words. Now we are getting into it!
4) Stores close at 5:30.
5) All decisions are made complacently and together. (other ideas shall be set aside.)
6) Change is treated with suspicion.

I now will repent for my vent.
Which god should I choose, nothing is ever easy.
Har rumph

1 comment:

  1. Dried Beans are expensive?!

    But surely mutton is reasonable.


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