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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Family Visitors!

We have Jordan's Mother Linda and his Uncle Charles visiting us now. Its been summer temperature and leisure since they arrived a couple of days ago. We put Linda in the sparse, yet welcoming, Grandma room (of course) and Charles got the nice big tent, out in front of our house with a view and bird song lullabies. Charles has taken some nice photos while he has been here, including this one of Lillian. Jordan and I have birthdays on Feb 5 and 6 and its been a treat to celebrate our birthday season with family. Charles is in the country for a bug meeting. He is an entomologist He finally got to come to New Zealand for a meeting. Charles lives in Davis, California and has just feathered his empty nest with a new family, there. Linda is a nice guest, she has healthy habits like yoga and running several times a week and she enjoys a fresh and lively diet which she eats grazing style, in small meals throughout the day. I remember at first, being mixed up about my role as hostess, since she is so self sufficient. Now I know better and just let her forage through my pantry and fruit bowl. Linda is very easy going and really revels in plain and simple family time. I think we will go camping in the Northland while Linda is here.
We have some friends up near Cooper's Beach, who have a new baby to admire. With any luck, we can get some surfing time with them, too. I gave Jordan a surfboard for our birthdays. Today we borrowed another board and went out in the exquisite pastel early morning to surf. It was my second time and Jordan's first. I would be happy just hang floating from the board, enjoying the swells, but there is so much more to it. Today, there were a lot of little fish eggs in the water that I could feel when I was paddling out to "the Back". The back is where the people who already know how to surf go, its out past the breakers.
It's a 3 day weekend here and there were lots of folks looking to catch the waves there in North Piha. I like that there are all ages and shapes of people surfing, not just the Hollywood surfing cookie cutter buff bods you'd expect from the movies and TV. I need to write for school, now. G'night

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