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Monday, February 02, 2009

Reflections on fasting

I'm having my first day of eating after 10 days of fasting (well, I had an elixir of fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup, cayenne and lots of water). I have to say it was very beneficial. I know that some reading this do not approve of fasting, so you may browse someplace for this posting. One thing I noticed is that although I wasn't eating I enjoyed cooking even more than usual. I think that my family got more inspired meals than usual, for some reason. It was nice to revel in the art of cooking again. Secondly, I smelled everything very well, I could smell which family member entered the room. I smelled every persons breath I spoke with and the summer smells of nature were as vivid and a spring lilac in your front yard. It was for the most part, enjoyable. I must say, though that the cloying smell of pancakes lingers too long! The third thing is that I was much more even tempered and philosophic about things. If I did get agitated, I just stated my business plainly and got on with life's more pleasant offerings. I didn't get snagged into a grouchy mood. I was at a loss at times when I was running errands and I usually would get a cup of coffee or some cheap sushi (it's really cheap here, and it's everywhere) I had to find other ways to pause during my day. I found myself avoiding being a guest where there is obligatory feeding as a regular custom. I had a generally quieter 10 days than usual. Giving my digestive system a rest was fine. Getting the perspective that I got was the real benefit.

Im not saying that I didn't get hungry or think about food, but knowing I had set aside only ten days for the experiment/cleanse kept me from loading into the damn fine homemade pizzas that I made, with that homegrown pesto or give in while walking past the Korean seafood restaurant, the one with the amazingly gracious hosts. I did, however, contemplate grace quite a bit. Now upon reentry into the eating world, can I behave? that will be the next test.

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