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Monday, February 09, 2009

Writing Restriction

Today is the day I promised myself I would be caught up with my Evergreen writing. It should have been sent already. I am to have a chapter a week done for an autobiographical project and three short stories, including one for children done within the next month. Yesterday, I went to the library to work on it. I got a lot done, but most of it was not writing. I bought a beautiful crystal vase at an antique shop with an invisible tiny chip, got some lovely summer fruits, including a punnet of strawberries which I ate entirely before I got home, I got a movie for each family member and checked out three music cd's, bought a 20 dollar clearance mp3 player (signifying my entry into the modern world) and then finally got to writing for about an hour and a half in a Starbucks, of all places. I cant write at home because of those loud dirty dishes and the snickering laundry hamper, but everyone and their mother ordering drinks, no problem! So that much closer to one completed chapter, I forge ahead today. Im trying the "set the timer and lock one up in the upstairs bedroom" approach, with helpful ears to receive reports of my progress. Im all coffeed up and have had my oats. I will finish the current piece, work on the alligator story (the kids one) wrap up the cat women on the roof. If I do all that I can marry the Butte Montana reflections with the Lance section of the autibio. By then the heat of the upstairs may drive me out of my cell and perhaps I can visit my waterfall for a dip. Will I ever get to the pirate fantasy? I hope so. That one is pure escapism and I could some about now.

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