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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hunger and feeding mosquitoes

I am on the third day of my master cleanse diet. It is easier than I thought it would be. The hardest time is the evening meal, when the family is eating together. Last night we set up our tent on our front deck, facing the Tasman sea and the lovely fading sunset. First of all, the space was too small for all of us, but we tried anyway. Now, I need autonomy when I sleep, no limbs impinging on me and no snoring in my ear. So I got up and went to the Guest room (having stolen the mattress in our room for the tent bed),Jordan followed, which wasn't what I had in mind because I knew that if the kids woke up, they didn't know where the zipper pull was and they might panic in the dark without a grown-up there. Well they did. I dashed out in the dark and settled in with them. One cat had gotten so afraid from Desmond's shouting that he opted out when I slunk through the opening, sneaking under the army of mosquitoes having a collective fantasy on the outside webbing of the tent. "Look at all that veal, one little blondie and a tender curly haired one, how delicious!" I heard them saying as they stroked there drills. Not long after that the cat on the outside of the tent started frisking with the cat on the inside of the tent. I didn't want them to damage the screen by climbing it so I slipped open the door at the bottom and encouraged the outside cat, whose name is either Joey, Twinkestar or Baby Jesus depending on the day of Desmond's declaration, to come on in and join the SLEEP. He was not sure about coming through such a small opening, though and finally I unzipped the door entirely, having forgotten about the mosquitoes and then the party really got going! All three of us have the marks of an evening in a mosquito pit. It would be better if they just silently did their business of feeding and were done, with anesthetic expertise. They do that buzzing thing, though. That is unnerving as hell. I think Ill try a different configuration tonight.

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