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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Yeah, and...

E Gads! I forgot to report that I am having my first surfing lesson on Tuesday! I go for a two hour lesson with a board provided for 80 bucks. It is a private lesson with a woman named Anna Jolly. She apparently has a new baby and teaches PE at local Green Bay school. Her father Mike Jolly is Mr. Piha Surf; with his shop, rentals, board crafting and even accommodation in some old jalopy caravan (very charming). Anyway, he is very vocal and full of heart, yet passionate as a bulldog, somehow too. He got a bit grouchy when I inquired about repairing a brand new kiddie surfboard that never saw a wave, due to some slacker gift orientation.
I explained to him that I was a university student in charge of providing my own PE "classes". Having chosen surfing this term has me exploring a new realm of charactors. Anna Jolly has won awards in surfing competitions and she sounds like she's in her 30s, maybe? I am happily anticipating being out in the water, out moving on the waves. Yes, it'll be good to have some mermaid time.

I am having a quiet spell with my friend, Helen. She was really interwoven there for a while. I have noticed that in friendships before: the warming up and cooling down of strong willed individuals who are friends. She moved in next door and it's been great to have her so close. The owner of her place is auctioning it on Valentine's day (a B and B + rental, keepers quarters) and maybe she's detaching from the neighborhood a little. It's really not bad, if you get on with your other things and people you vibrate with. It always swings around again.

I would love to have that place but the price is at least a million and a half. Maybe collaboration would work. Calling all B and B Partners! Calling all retreat using business'! Lets get it together, Now. Speaking of the Beatles...

We went to a concert 'Seven Worlds Collide' Which was coordinated by Neil Finn and had members of The Smiths, Radiohead, Wilco, Bic Runga, JT Turnstall, Bratty and endearing Liam Finn and many more. We attended the first of the three only Auckland performances. It was delightful. There were elements of experimentation, family and friendship tucked in there. There were video cameras all over the place in all sizes and the sound was getting worked out for the recording that was happening. The singer from Wilco, Jeff Tweedy, who was the most intriguing discovery of the night, mentioned that there was going to be an album made from the endevor, there was a pregnant pause. Neil looked up at the audience and confirmed there was an album being made. The first and only other time he put "7 worlds collide" on there was an album made, also. It was about 8 years ago with many of the same folks plus Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Wilco who is from Chicago was there in its entirely and they had a lot of play in the second set. There were two encores. Nice. The evening was a real recharge. Proceeds from the event and album will go to Oxfam.

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