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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunny Day

Today was a Thursday that felt like a Monday. It may have been that the inauguration made yesterday feel like a weekend, Im not exactly sure. I took Lil to her preschool in Piha for the first time in a month (due to the holiday closure). Desmond and I set off to the beach and went for a romp in the waves. There were many others there with the same notion. The Lifeguards put up flags on the beach about 200 feet apart and all the swimming and boogie boarding has to be done in that tiny section. I had encouraged Desmond to collect some swimming shorts and he insisted that he'd go naked. I asked if he was sure, that Piha was a lot more crowded (and conventional) than Kare kare beach. He stuck to his stance- fine. When we got to the beach we took care of his sweet tooth, just to get that out of the way. He chose an obscenely gooey ice cream bar with velvet milk chocolate over a layer of carmel (New Zealanders say Car-a-mel and dont know what you mean if you say carmel) over another chocolate layer and then, finally filled with vanilla ice cream. All conversation stopped for his full enjoyment. I am fasting today and only enjoyed it with my eyes. We went out to the flagged area where Desmond got a few gawks at his Greek statue self. There was every age and shape out there. We stayed in close enough for Desmond's comfort. I do have the impulse to swim beyond the breakers, though. After our frolic in the surf we walked over to Lion rock and climbed up to the top, 270 steps up. It was out of the breeze and a good place to dry off, with spectacular views down to the beaches and out into the Tasman sea. We were getting a little too much sun so we wandered back to our fresh catch of library books and found a shady spot while Desmond ate lunch and I read to him. I like my solo times with Desmond, they are very uncomplicated. I am trying to really enjoy peaceful easy moments with my kids, these days. It is silly how much Ive tried to do while parenting young kids. I am cutting down. I found my seam ripper and I'm taking the giant "S" of all my clothes. Time to be 'Normalwoman'. There, Mom, are you happy? Well,I am, too. Lillian was ready to see us when we picked her back up, although she was quite grouchy and she said the kids at school were all stupid. Then, so were Des and I. We fed her and she got better. Then she got her choice of ice creams, a decidedly more moderate vanilla bar with chocolate and toasted coconut exterior. Jordan is at school today meeting with Sergei about some observation plan they are cooking up. He was in a melancholy state this morning, maybe because of his step grandma's recent passing, maybe the wrapping up of summer vacation for the kids, or maybe he is sad because he has to spend even a moment away from my endearing company, who knows. Melancholia is ofter vague, I find. I need to get dinner aimed at a pan. This civilian cooking without any hope of eating is a little challenging. Ill be fasting for 10 days, actually Ill be drinking maple lemonade with cayenne in it for 10 days. Its a good pocket of time in between guests to do it. When Grandma Linda and Uncle Charles come on Feb 5, I want to enjoy the summer harvest and the fresh fish we have here with them, except I just remembered that Charles isn't a fish lover, huh, everthe meal planner I am....
I got an 8 day vacation recently, with my children s writing course having a retreat and some visits to friends in the southern North Island. It was great, lots of spare time, lots of good exercise, at least an hour and a half each day and clean crisp eating. I certainly felt vital centered from it. I did have a rough splash down when I got home, though, although the only thing that got spilled was adrenalin. Things have evened out now. Jordan's friend Dmitri came around while I was gone and managed to dislodge more money out of Jordan. Student finances are challenging when a person is magnanimous by nature. We have two of those magnanimous types between us, I guess.

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